Studio A  offers a wide variety gymnastics, acro, and tumbling classes. All of our classes are taught by experienced gymnastics and tumbling coaches. The gym has a fiberglass track, large spring floor and two indoor trampolines. Your child’s first class is FREE so come try it out today. Private lessons are also available.


Mommy and Me | 18months-36 months

A Parent or Guardian will help their child through each exercise

Tumble Tots Gymnastics| Ages 3-4  

Acro/Tumbling/Gymnastics |  Ages 5 and up 

Power Tumbling Classes and Levels: 

Bronze Level 1&2 

Beginners will learn cartwheels, back walk overs, and many more basic tumbling skills. Students will be moved up in class level based on skill level NOT age.

Silver Level

Students will learn handstands, round offs, back walk overs, back handsprings, aerials and many more gymnastics skills to advance to Gold. Students will be moved up in class level based on skill NOT age.

Gold Level 

Students will work on running and standing back handsprings, back tucks, aerials, front punches, tumbling passes and many more skills to advance to platinum.


Our most advance tumblers will be pushed to learn new tumbling passes, layouts, and fulls.

*Please note: Each student will advance through our program based on skill not age. However, we will have many different age groups per level. For example if your student is 10 and has never taken a tumbling class they will NOT be placed in the 5 year old class. They will be placed with other 8-10 year old beginners.